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Bilicious returned to Boston’s Club Cafe for its fourth annual bisexual-themed multimedia variety show for two nights, on November 8 & 9, 2013. Open to theatergoers of all persuasions, this thought-provoking evening playfully mixed serious issues with entertainment through film, comedy, poetry, and burlesque. Featured performers were Tiggy Upland, Laurie Wolfe, UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb, Michael Monroe and Bobby Crawford. Video interviews by Bilicious producer and filmmaker Susannah Layton introduced each performer on stage before their performance. Audience participation was encouraged during a Q&A discussion with the performers and the producer immediately after the performance.


Tiggy Upland

Tiggy Upland, the Wild Deuce, is the advice columnist for the Bisexual Resource Center. Found abandoned as a baby in a hot air balloon basket in Truth or Consequences, NM, Tiggy grew up working in her adoptive family’s hydrotherapy business and exploring her own fluidity. She rode the rails all over the country, selling her family’s homemade panacea and giving advice to the friends she met along the way, likely solicited because she was the only hobo in a vintage day dress and full make-up. She prefers to think of herself as 1950s style on 1960s drugs. Tiggy’s advice column for the Bisexual Resource Center runs every other Tuesday on 

Laurie Wolfe

Laurie Wolfe is an actor, writer, poet, performer, social activist, pet healer, speaker, trainer, and fundraiser.  Laurie has performed in Bilicious Boston, Boundless, Body Verse, and The Vagina Monologues by Vday Boston. She has also emceed Trew Tales, Keshet’s LGBTQ/Jewish Open Mic featuring stories, music and art about our gender journeys.

UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb

Performance Artist, Sex Geek, Teacher, and Creative Force currently in the process of building a kink-related blog project entitled the “ABCs Of Kink”.  Founding member of “All The Kings Men (ATKM)”, "Burns and Webb", and "Axe To Ice Productions", she holds a BFA in acting from Boston University, certificate from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater, and spent time at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  She’s toured the U.S., Canada, and London, and had her writing produced for theater.  For more on her writing, classes, and performance dates visit: or

Michael Monroe

Michael found slam by being dragged to “some sort of poetry thing” one winter's night in 2008, and boy did he think it would be the World’s Worst Poetry Ever. But after one hit of high-caliber spoken word performance he immediately decided his pursuits as a proficient fire-spinner, jazz pianist and juggler were clearly boring, and he’s worked to refine his writing and performance skills ever since. He regularly features throughout New England, has been the Development Director for the wildly successful 2011 & 2013 National Poetry Slams, co-runs the infamous 365 Challenge Blog, and was a member of the 2012 Mill City Slam Team. For comments, features and booking, check out Michael's website.

Bobby Crawford

Bobby Crawford is the “one-man-boy-band” of Emerson College. He discovered the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge in his freshman year (via Emerson’s slam scene, the Emerson Poetry Project) and has been an avid open mic reader and slammer at the Boston Poetry Slam ever since.  A competitor and showman by instinct, Bobby is a retired nationally-ranked figure skater and a former chess-club kid. He plays harmonica and wears a leather jacket. He loves late night food and hanging out with other writers/performers. For more info: website

Susannah Layton

Susannah Layton is a filmmaker and the founder, producer/director of Bilicious Productions. Born and raised in England to an international family of musicians and performers, Susannah developed her passion for the visual and performing arts from an early age. Susannah’s video interviews with the Bilicious cast members are featured each year as part of the show. She is the recipient of a “Creating Queer Community” grant from the National Queer Arts Festival and an “Unsung Hero” award by the Bisexual Resource Center, for her outstanding behind-the scenes work within and for the bisexual community.

Cast photo credit: Christine A. Banna.

From left to right: Bobby Crawford, Michael Monroe, Laurie Wolfe, UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb.


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